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Dixie Doins' 2001
Fred's 2003 GoldWing

A short explanation of how this "Wing" came into existence.
At Gold Rush, Judy really wanted the new wing, however, the wrong ticket was drawn.  Judy and I, along with Tom and Toddy Hawkins, got to talking about what the "Wing of the Future" would have to be.  We came up with the specifications and the rest is history.
The following pictures are in "small" format.  Click on a picture to make it fullsize.  To download the fullsize picture, right-click, then choose "Save Picture As", and go from there.

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The Front View   The Side View   The Rear View
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The Specifications   Conserve Space
Easy Parking
  GPS / OnStar
Refreshment Center
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Convertible Option
Fuel Specifics
      The Rest

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  P001383.jpg (306157 bytes)   P001386.jpg (289179 bytes)
No Way   The Proud Owner   Don Oller says, "With almost $500,000 worth of motorcycles in this parking lot and a wheelbarrow takes Best of Show.  Hard to believe."
P001388.jpg (247784 bytes)   P001389.jpg (242628 bytes)   Louise1.jpg (240765 bytes)
        Louise Duke said, "If Fred and Judy can be a Gold Wing, I can be a helicopter".