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GWTA Rides the Web


Howdy folks - Fred Wilson here (from Georgia).

We have been talking about getting a logo for the ones of us on the web. Here are a few of my feeble attempts to come up with something.  Remember, Camp Wing Tyme is only a couple of months away.  We need to get some other ideas and get a vote going.

I will post the entries here.  Voting can be done by email to a designated person and keep the page updated as to logos and votes for each.

To keep annonimity to the graphics, they will simply be numbered starting at 1.  I will also keep another page as to who submitted the entries.

Ready to take a look?  Click on the button.       _button18.gif (7993 bytes)   

ps - Voting will start April 1st - this gives more time for other images to be posted.


_recycle.gif (1970 bytes)

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