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Practice Guide - Drill Two

Sharp Turns

Practicing this drill will help you to make sharp turns from stop lights or stop signs, pulling out of parking spaces or driveways and turning into a driveway, or onto a narrow street.
Drill Two: Begin riding straight across the parking lot, increasing speed to approximately 15 - 20 miles per hour. Just before reaching the "Begin Turning" marker, slow down and adjust your speed for making a sharp turn. As you reach the line or marker, make a sharp turn (left or right.) Finish your turn as close to line "A" as you can without touching it. Remember to accelerate slightly coming out of the turn.


Figure 2 - Sharp Turns


Coaching Tips

  1. Keep head and eyes up. Look where you want to be at the end of the turn.
  2. Lean the motorcycle in the directions of the turn and adjust your body position to counter the motorcycle lean for this particular exercise.
  3. Use the friction point of the clutch as you turn.
  4. Accelerate as you leave the turn.
  5. Put your foot over the rear brake and use the brake lightly if necessary.
  6. Do not grab the front brake. Use it lightly if necessary.
  7. Practice both right and left turns.



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