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Practice Guide - Drill Six

Obstacle Turn


Practicing this exercise properly will help you make a quick turn to avoid a potential hazard.
Drill Six: Approach the first pair of markers. As you reach the markers, you should be going 10 - 15 mph. Make sure you've decided on which direction you intend to go, before starting the exercise. As your front tire passes the first pair of markers, make a quick turn (right or left). Go to the outside of the next marker and then straighten the bike by releasing the pressure on the handle bar. Do not stop. Continue at a steady speed and repeat the exercise.


Figure 6 - Obstacle Turn

Coaching Tips

  1. Push on the handle grip in the same direction you want to go. (Push right to go right, push left to go left - Countersteering.)
  2. Once pressure is applied, lean your body in the direction you want to go, (push left, lean left.) Make sure you don't lean before pushing on the handle bars.
  3. Do not brake while performing this exercise.
  4. Don't fixate on the marker, keep your eyes and head up.
Problems Corrections
Unable to properly complete the turn. Maintain pressure on the handle grip and lean your body in the same direction as the bike.


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