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Practice Guide - Drill Seven

Normal Stop (Curve)


Practicing this exercise will help you stop smoothly in a curve.
Drill Seven: Ride to the outside of line "A". As you reach marker one, follow the curved path indicated by marker two and three. Once you enter the curved path, gradually apply both brakes and downshift. Try to come to a smooth stop with your front tire next to marker three. Do this at 10 - 15 mph.



Figure 7 - Normal Stop on a Curve


Coaching Tips

  1. Keep head and eyes up. Focus on where you want to stop.
  2. Straighten up the motorcycle before you stop completely.
  3. Use both brakes to stop.
  4. Keep feet on pegs until almost stopped.
  5. When stopped, the left foot should touch the ground first and you should be in first gear.
Problems Corrections
Overshooting the final marker. Apply more pressure to the brakes once the motorcycle is straightened from the lean angle.
Motorcycle nearly falls over. Straighten up the motorcycle, then apply more brake pressure.
Rear wheel skids. Apply less pressure on the rear brake and make sure the motorcycle is straight up. Caution: Once the rear wheel starts to skid, keep the rear brakes locked.


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