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Practice Guide - Drill Nine

Quick Stop (Straight Line)


Practicing this exercise will help you stop quickly when something suddenly appears in you path.
Drill Nine: Approach marker one, shift to second gear. As your font tire passes marker one, downshift and begin braking. Try to stop before marker two. Try this at 10 - 15 mph. It is suggested that you do not exceed 20 mph. If your rear brakes lock, keep them locked until you are stopped.


Figure 9 - Quick Stop in a Straight Line


Coaching Tips

  1. Keep head & eyes up and look straight ahead.
  2. When stopping pull in the clutch, downshift to first gear and apply both brakes.
  3. Keep handle bars straight.
  4. Do not release brakes until completely stopped.
  5. When stopped, the left foot should touch the ground first, and you should be in first gear.
Problems Corrections
Overshooting the final marker. Apply more pressure to brakes being careful not to lock your brakes.
Motorcycle slides sideways. Sit straight on seat and do not turn handle bars. Look straight ahead. Note: Do not release the rear brake if the wheel locks up.
Engine over-rev's when using the front brake. Close the throttle before braking. Avoid pulling back on the throttle when apply the front brakes. Squeeze front brake with fingers only.


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