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Dixie Doins' 2001
Judge Judy's Court

The following pictures are in "small" format.  Click on a picture to make it fullsize.  To download the fullsize picture, right-click, then choose "Save Picture As", and go from there.

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Dennis Seery is being fined for his politicing practices.   Here, Dennis is being admonished, again, by Judge Judy for something (it was a hard night for Dennis).   In fact, it was such a hard night the Judge Judy skipped taking the shirt off his back and went for the belt.  Dennis, how fast can you run with those pants around your ankles.

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Fred Wilson appears to be pleading for his life after getting caught for imitating a GoldWing and usurping the Copyright and Trademark Laws of Judge Judy.       In this one, Fred again appears on his knees after pleading guilty to being a "House Bitch".  He even had to beg for money from his wife to pay his fine!