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Welcome - Georgia Motorcycling and Safety


The pages connected with this web site are generally connected, in some way, with motorcycling and safety. We will attempt to provide you with safety hints and tips both in the written word and in links to other sites. We will also have links to products that will help in the safety department like the innovative LifeBrite system.
We are sponsored, in part, by the Georgia Gold Wing Touring Association.  This Association is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Honda Gold Wing organizations.   Yes, the GWTA is one of the best kept secrets in the motorcycling world, however, we believe that it is time for this secret to be known.

GWTA - Member owned, Member operated - a simple belief that works.  We own the organization and therefore, we run the organization with no ties to manufactures, distributors or companies.  Directors report to the members, not the other way around.  Our members are our most important position.

Enough about GWTA, if you want more information, click here on GWTA.

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This Gold Wing Touring Association Ring site is owned by The Georgia State Director.

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