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Managing Your Motorcycling Risks thru GWTA


Safety Tip of the Month
Choose a lane position for Maximum Visiblity to see and be seen!


GWTA is dedicated to helping the motorcyclist ride safely thereby maximizing your enjoyment and minimizing the risks. All of us know that there is risk in riding a motorcycle. Our job is to make others aware that we are out there and we can share the road with them. In GWTA, we have a Rider Education Program that is nationally recognized as one of the best, however, nothing beats the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (in my humble opinion).

It is through our Rider Education Program that we learn and practice safety on the road, establish guidelines for safer group riding and even shows you how you can setup a practice circuit in a parking lot. It is also through this program that we have aligned ourselves with the United States Department of Transportation in supporting the Know Zone program. (You need to see this.)

We also have established seminars that are available to our members. Examples of these seminars are the Co-Rider Seminar and the Mountain Riding Seminar. Good reading and practicing.

Motorcycle Riding Courses are offered across the United States and Canada. In the US, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers excellent courses that improve your riding skills and help you control the risks of riding.


Should I take A RiderCourse?
If you ride a motorcycle, or intend to, the answer is without a question YES. In my experience teaching RiderCourses, I have found that even many experienced riders that have never taken a course have built up a legion of bad habits that can be easily corrected with a little practice. I also frequently see those that have already taken a course back again. They say it's good practice and it reinforces their knowledge and ability to perform accident avoidance skills.


Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding and Street Skills
This course teaches those with little or no experience the basics of motorcycle operation, riding mental systems, and riding and street skills. It is taught in a sequential, building block manner. The instructors take students that have never been on a motorcycle before, and actually have them riding and practicing street skills in 2 1/2 days. If you're just learning to ride, please take a course. Learn how to do it properly before you get some of the bad habits I had. It's much easier to do it right from the start, rather than trying to unlearn things later.


Experienced RiderCourse
This course is designed for those that have several months or several thousand miles or more of riding experience. It teaches riding preparation, riding mental systems, and practices advanced accident avoidance skills that studies show are lacking in many accident involved riders. Even though there are many students with 25+ years of riding experience, it's very rare that a student goes away from the class claiming there was nothing learned. This was the course that humbled me. I'm living proof that it's never too late!


Current Letters from Members
Anatomy of an Accident - Woody Woodruf, San Diego


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Places to go for more information

 OTHER   R I D I N G   &   S A F E T Y   I N F O
  1. Motorcycle Safety Foundation
  2. Motorccle Safety Foundation Courses
  3. Motorcycle Safety Tips & Techniques - James Davis
  4. Street Safety Tips - Gary Widup
  5. Safety Bits - Motorcycle Online
  6. Accident Scene Management - Slider Gilmore
  7. Hurt Study - Findings on Motorcycle Accidents
  8. Effect of Helmets on Vision & Hearing - US DoT
  9. Helmets - Poly Foam Liners, Jenny Ramirez
  10. Snell Foundation - Helmet Test Information

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