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The Revolutionary
Motorcycle Lights
designed for
Safety & Visibility


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Life-Brite products are easy to install but must be installed properly.
Life-Brite is available in 3 models.  There are only two (2) wires to connect.
  1. Determine where you are going to mount the two (2) lights on your motorcycle.
  2. Route wires from mounting location on your motorcycle to wire or socket connection.
  3. Locate positive wire to Brake lights or running lights on your motorcycle for which Life Brite Model # you are installing.
  4. RED WIRE on Life Brite products is the POSITIVE WIRE.  Connect red wire to positive wire or to connector juction (socket terminal) of your motorcycle.
  5. BLACK WIRE on Life Brite products is the GROUND WIRE.  Connect black wire to any ground on your motorcycle.
  6. Ensure good electrical contact.  Wire splicing can be done if necessary to accommodate installation.  Use electrical tape or heat shrink at wire splice.
  7. Clean surface before mounting lights.  Lights must point straight and tilted up slightly for maximum visibility.
NOTE:  If you are not able to or don't have time to install your new lights, motorcycle service centers, auto electric shops or your dealer can install them for you.  They will normally charge you their hourly shop rate.
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LifeBrite comes with a special industrial grade adhesive, so there's no drilling, screws or bolts required!
Life Brite products are guaranteed for as long as you own your motorcycle under the following conditions:
  1. Life Brite products warrants to the original purchaser only when installed in accordance with manufactures instructions.
  2. Products warranty is not transferable to the new owner if the motorcycle is sold.
  3. Life Brite does not warrant and shall not be liable for any damages arising out of acts or causes beyond our control including negligence of any person, and any other abuse or misuse of the products.
  4. Purchaser must promptly send product with written notification of product problem to manufacturer for evaluation.
Life BriteTM
Wilkinson Technology, Inc.
140 Dubsdread Circle
Orlando, FL 32804
(407)898-5020 - fax (407)898-2402
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